Typically when one thinks of rags we envision something dirty, torn and just unattractive.  Elecia Cooper of Elecia's Creative I proves that rags are beautiful with her colorful, creative crochet designs.
Elecia shares these 3 beautiful crochet rag rug designs for all to enjoy - 
D's Sunflower Rag Rug
Sigma - Sigma - Sigma Rag Rug
Watermelon Rag Rug
Need a basket for doll accessories - 

Barbie Doll Accessories Basket

Please welcome Recycled  Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer, 
Elecia Cooper of Elecia's Creative I

You can read more about Elecia and the other recycled designers on 
the Meet the Designer page.

Let's see what existing Recycled Into Yarn's  Recycled Designer, 
Moira Crochets Plarn, has been up to - 

Moira's newest 
free crochet pattern - 

Mary Jane Tarn Headband pattern

I'm so excited to share that Recycled Into Yarn has kicked off the 1st Tunisian Crochet Recycled Yarn Along Part 1 which is how to make a swatch with the Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch.
You can see that the Tunisian Simple Stitch looks awesome with the different types of recycled yarn.   
White Tarn (t-shirt yarn)
Green Pants Yarn
Kroger Plarn (plastic bag yarn)
The tarn and plarn swatches were made with an afghan hook size I.  Because I did not have a afghan hook bigger than size I,  a regular crochet hook size  was used to make the pants yarn to make the simple stitch stand out.

You can find step by step detailed instructions on the Part 1 Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss).  

For those that would prefer to watch how to make a Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch, you can access this YouTube link to Kim Guzman's video tutorial

Come back and visit on 9/22 to see 
Tunisian Crochet Recycled Yarn-Along Part 2 stitch instructions

Recycled Into Yarn's newest recycled designer found a great way to recycle fabrics, particularly old tights, T-shirts and other stretchy materials - crochet a beautiful Rag Rug.

This adorable Rag Rug is crocheted from strips cut from old T-shirts and other slightly stretchy

Crochet Rag Rug
Please welcome Recycled  Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer, 
Susie of Susie at the Circus

You can read more
about Susie and the other recycled designers on
Meet the Designer page.

The name says it all - RecycleCindy.  Over the years, we have enjoyed with enormous pleasure the free patterns RecycleCindy has generously offered on her website and await with great eagerness what this fabulous designer will make next.

This creative designer has made things from children to adults, from kitchen/bath to rugs, from dolls to holidays.
RecycleCindy has recently expanded her clothing/accessory line into a new territory - footwear. 

Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals

And why not?  I've always said that there is nothing that can't be made with plarn that can be made with regular yarn.  

Any plarn crafter knows that an item made with plarn is not only very durable but even washable. 

   If you want to make a pair for yourself or surprise someone with a pair, RecycleCindy also offers an easy to follow tutorial on how to make plarn from plastic bags.  

Thank you again, RecycleCindy, for another fabulous design!!  

You can  read more about RecycleCindy and the other recycled designers 
on the 
'Meet The Designer'  page.
Market Bags are so versatile and an important accessory for any trip to the grocery store, farmer's market or produce stand.  

For some, a market bag is just as important or almost as important as .... coupons!!!  

But not just any market bag will do - especially not something mass produced.   

And I think you'll agree with me that handmade is always much better .... 
you know how it is made and what it is made of.
That's what makes this market bag so irresistable. 

 Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Knit Market Bag
designed by
Randi of Dukes and Duchesses


Just think 5 t-shirts is all you need to knit one just like it yourself 

Randi will even show you how to make 
the t-shirt yarn with her step-by-step tutorial.


Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's
newest Recycled Designer, 

Randi of Dukes and Duchesses
You can  read more about Randi and the other recycled designers on the 'Meet The Designer'  page.

When faced with the dilemna of what to do with curtains that are stored away taking up space, Cats Knit has the solution.  Easy - just make yarn!! 
And after you make the yarn, make rugs!!   This talented designer generously shares with us her knit rug patterns.   
Curtain Yarn Rug #1
Curtain Yarn Rug #2

Just how easy is it to make Curtain Yarn, Cats Knits breaks the tutorial down in easy to follow steps.


Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's
newest Recycled Designer, 
 Catrina Lawrence of Cats Knits.
(also on Ravelry)
You can read more about Stefanie and the other recycled designers on the
'Meet The Designer'  page.

We've all experienced a time when bed sheets have worn out their original use and that's typically evident  when the pattern is so faded you can't tell what it was.    That's when you know it's time to figure out what are you going to do with them.

Stefanie of A Common Thread has the answer ....repurpose those sheets into recycled rag yarn.   What can you make with recycled rag yarn?  A very comfortable knitted bath mat that feel so good under your footsies.


Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's
newest Recycled Designer,
Stefanie Fail of A Common Thread.

You can read more about Stefanie and the other recycled designers on the
'Meet The Designer'  page.

When faced with a decision of what to do with extra fabric laying around the house, contibuting to overfilled landfills wasn't even a consideration for Teresa.  She knew the easiest way to recycle textiles is to repurpose them.   And,  I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say her efforts were successful.  
Recycled Into Yarn's newest Recycled Designer, Teresa Alvarez, shares with us her unique fabric yarn bag designs.
Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's newest Recycled Designer,
Teresa Alvarez
You can read more about Teresa and the other
recycled designers on the
'Meet The Designers'  page.

Krispian Lowe shows us that even old shirts or other old clothing that cannot be donated to charity shops can be repurposed.   

Shirt Off One's Back Mat
is a fun knit mat pattern that can be used
in the bathroom or any where else.


Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's newest
Recycled Designer, Krispian Lowe of KrisesKnits.

You can read more about Krispian and the other recycled designers on the 'Meet The Designers'  page.

Kayla not only enjoys coming up with new designs but enjoys giving them away as well to family and close friends.  Her designs are user-friendly and made to be enjoyed by everyone including the family pet, Tony.    

Kayla's most recent design is Tony's Toy Tote that was created with plarn and  finished with tarn.  This design is a successful example of how beautiful recycled yarn combinations can be. 

If you need help in making plarn, Kayla has done an  awesome job with this instructional how-to  'Prepare Your Plarn' tutorial.


Let us not overlook this very creative dish scrubby made from potatoes, onions, apples, and garlic food packaging mesh bags that Kayla recycled into yarn.

Please help me give a huge thank you to Kayla on her adorable free crochet patterns that she makes available on her website, Kayla K's Thirfty Ways for all to enjoy.