For those that aren't quite familiar with the technique of spinning, the best way to explain it is the art of applying a continuous twist on the recycled yarn.  This is accomplished by using a spinning wheel or drop spindle.  


Spinning offers a unique but interesting texture that really does take the recycled yarn to a whole new  level.

The amount of twist,  making it thick or thin or even combining colors is an individual preference.    Handspun recycled yarn is very versatile and easily adaptable to any crochet, knit and even  weaving project.  

There's no limit to the types of recycled yarn you can spin - from plastic bag yarn to newspaper yarn.  

See for yourself just how much fun it can be.  KristyRecycles offers the following tutorials on spinning plarn with both a drop spindle and a spinning wheel.   
If you are a spinner, please share your experiences.  What has been the most unique or strangest thing you have spun??

Please come back and visit because Part 2 will be Spinning with VHS Tape.  You just have to see how this is done.

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