Typically when one thinks of rags we envision something dirty, torn and just unattractive.  Elecia Cooper of Elecia's Creative I proves that rags are beautiful with her colorful, creative crochet designs.
Elecia shares these 3 beautiful crochet rag rug designs for all to enjoy - 
D's Sunflower Rag Rug
Sigma - Sigma - Sigma Rag Rug
Watermelon Rag Rug
Need a basket for doll accessories - 

Barbie Doll Accessories Basket

Please welcome Recycled  Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer, 
Elecia Cooper of Elecia's Creative I

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Let's see what existing Recycled Into Yarn's  Recycled Designer, 
Moira Crochets Plarn, has been up to - 

Moira's newest 
free crochet pattern - 

Mary Jane Tarn Headband pattern

You don't even have to love frogs to fall in love with this adorable Frog Footstool made with t-shirt yarn.  But before you consider making it, make sure you have plenty of green t-shirts.  
PictureCrochet Tarn Frog Footstool
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Recycled Designer,  AnneMarie's Haakblog
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Let's see what Maria Merlino has been up to - check out her 
free crochet 
Tarn Family Wall Rosary pattern
Tarn Family Wall Rosary
Maria Merlino, Yahoo Contributer
When you stop and think about it, there is always potential 'recycled yarn' lying or hanging around the house.   It's there because we're looking right at it.  It may not be recognized at first but eventually we see it.  For example one minute you're sleeping on a bed sheet and pillow case and the next scrubbing dishes with it or even fashionably wearing it over the shoulder.  It's really hard to describe that feeling of gratification that comes with creatively extending the life of an item beyond what it was originally intended.  

If you're looking for potential recycled fabric or rag yarn, the best place I know to start looking is that one place we continue to pile up the old bed sheets & pillow cases that we dare not use again or the curtains that at one time had seen many sunrises and sunsets.  Some of us have them in bin(s) or stacked up on a shelf in that 'one' closet  waiting to decide on what to do with them.   We hold onto them because we know that there are so many wonderful projects that can be created but just not sure where to start.   
Look no further because Sharon of Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs shows us just how much fun it is to make fabric yarn.  Below are 2 different tutorials she has created for us: 
No-Join Method of Cutting Fabric Strips
Join Method of Fabric Strips
Okay, now that you have all of this beautiful fabric yarn made up, 
what to do - what to do ?? 

We have the answer to that question as well -
Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs 
offers this quick and easy rag coaster pattern.

Ready for more, check out Sharon's beautiful Rag Bag patterns also.
Cheerful Rag Bag by Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs
Anatomy of a Rag Bag by Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs
Please welcome Sharon of Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs 
as Recycled Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer.

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