We've all experienced a time when bed sheets have worn out their original use and that's typically evident  when the pattern is so faded you can't tell what it was.    That's when you know it's time to figure out what are you going to do with them.

Stefanie of A Common Thread has the answer ....repurpose those sheets into recycled rag yarn.   What can you make with recycled rag yarn?  A very comfortable knitted bath mat that feel so good under your footsies.


Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's
newest Recycled Designer,
Stefanie Fail of A Common Thread.

You can read more about Stefanie and the other recycled designers on the
'Meet The Designer'  page.

When faced with a decision of what to do with extra fabric laying around the house, contibuting to overfilled landfills wasn't even a consideration for Teresa.  She knew the easiest way to recycle textiles is to repurpose them.   And,  I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say her efforts were successful.  
Recycled Into Yarn's newest Recycled Designer, Teresa Alvarez, shares with us her unique fabric yarn bag designs.
Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's newest Recycled Designer,
Teresa Alvarez
You can read more about Teresa and the other
recycled designers on the
'Meet The Designers'  page.

Krispian Lowe shows us that even old shirts or other old clothing that cannot be donated to charity shops can be repurposed.   

Shirt Off One's Back Mat
is a fun knit mat pattern that can be used
in the bathroom or any where else.


Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's newest
Recycled Designer, Krispian Lowe of KrisesKnits.

You can read more about Krispian and the other recycled designers on the 'Meet The Designers'  page.

Spring is in the air and nothing says spring like Nesting Baskets.  They are so multi-functional in that they not only can dress up a room but are also the perfect hiding place.    Place them in any room of the house and use for holding magazines to markers and toys to towels.  

Petals to Picots shows us just how easy it is to crochet these Nesting Baskets by sharing her
Green Crocheting: Fabric Nesting Baskets Pattern.   

This is just one of the many innovative, cost affective ways to 'go green' using recycled fabric yarn.

Petals to Picots
also shows us just how easy it is to re-purpose those old bed sheets, pillow cases and even
curtains that have lost their glamour by 
making fabric into yarn tutorial.

You can read more about Kara and the other recycled designers on the
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Please visit the Petals to Picots website for other free patterns and tutorials.

Come back and visit soon because we're not done with Nesting Baskets yet!!!! 
Here's a hint - our next project is a Knit Plarn-Along ..........
When you stop and think about it, there is always potential 'recycled yarn' lying or hanging around the house.   It's there because we're looking right at it.  It may not be recognized at first but eventually we see it.  For example one minute you're sleeping on a bed sheet and pillow case and the next scrubbing dishes with it or even fashionably wearing it over the shoulder.  It's really hard to describe that feeling of gratification that comes with creatively extending the life of an item beyond what it was originally intended.  

If you're looking for potential recycled fabric or rag yarn, the best place I know to start looking is that one place we continue to pile up the old bed sheets & pillow cases that we dare not use again or the curtains that at one time had seen many sunrises and sunsets.  Some of us have them in bin(s) or stacked up on a shelf in that 'one' closet  waiting to decide on what to do with them.   We hold onto them because we know that there are so many wonderful projects that can be created but just not sure where to start.   
Look no further because Sharon of Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs shows us just how much fun it is to make fabric yarn.  Below are 2 different tutorials she has created for us: 
No-Join Method of Cutting Fabric Strips
Join Method of Fabric Strips
Okay, now that you have all of this beautiful fabric yarn made up, 
what to do - what to do ?? 

We have the answer to that question as well -
Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs 
offers this quick and easy rag coaster pattern.

Ready for more, check out Sharon's beautiful Rag Bag patterns also.
Cheerful Rag Bag by Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs
Anatomy of a Rag Bag by Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs
Please welcome Sharon of Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs 
as Recycled Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer.

You can read more about Sharon and the other recycled designers on the 
'Meet The Designers' page.

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