The name says it all - RecycleCindy.  Over the years, we have enjoyed with enormous pleasure the free patterns RecycleCindy has generously offered on her website and await with great eagerness what this fabulous designer will make next.

This creative designer has made things from children to adults, from kitchen/bath to rugs, from dolls to holidays.
RecycleCindy has recently expanded her clothing/accessory line into a new territory - footwear. 

Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals

And why not?  I've always said that there is nothing that can't be made with plarn that can be made with regular yarn.  

Any plarn crafter knows that an item made with plarn is not only very durable but even washable. 

   If you want to make a pair for yourself or surprise someone with a pair, RecycleCindy also offers an easy to follow tutorial on how to make plarn from plastic bags.  

Thank you again, RecycleCindy, for another fabulous design!!  

You can  read more about RecycleCindy and the other recycled designers 
on the 
'Meet The Designer'  page.
Kayla not only enjoys coming up with new designs but enjoys giving them away as well to family and close friends.  Her designs are user-friendly and made to be enjoyed by everyone including the family pet, Tony.    

Kayla's most recent design is Tony's Toy Tote that was created with plarn and  finished with tarn.  This design is a successful example of how beautiful recycled yarn combinations can be. 

If you need help in making plarn, Kayla has done an  awesome job with this instructional how-to  'Prepare Your Plarn' tutorial.


Let us not overlook this very creative dish scrubby made from potatoes, onions, apples, and garlic food packaging mesh bags that Kayla recycled into yarn.

Please help me give a huge thank you to Kayla on her adorable free crochet patterns that she makes available on her website, Kayla K's Thirfty Ways for all to enjoy.
RecycledCindy  continues to delight us with her most recent beautiful designs  - 
Plarn Laundry Basket 
Recycled Pink Plastic Purse.   
We can't help but marvel at the beautiful colors, the size and style of each bag. 

However, what makes the 2 newest designs even more remarkable is the number of plastic bags she used to create them.  RecycleCindy has successfully kept 200+ plastic bags from ending up in the trash which is  200+ less in the landfill which is 200+ less from harming the environment .


Please help me give a huge thank you to MyRecycled Bags on the two newest free patterns that are made available on her website, MyRecycled Bags for all of us to enjoy.
Bring your groceries home in style with a Plarn Upcycled Grocery Tote from Petals to Picots by Kara.
Now you see them....
Now they are styled!!!!

Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's
newest Recycled Designer,
Petals to Picots

You can read more about Sharon and the other recycled designers on the
 'Meet The Designers' page.