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You want it, Recycled Into Yarn will host it!!    Because of a request received by the very talented knitter known by her Ravelry name, CyndyinLawrence,  Recycled Into Yarn will be hosting not 1 but 2 Recycled Yarn-Alongs.... both of which will are Knit Plarn-Alongs.   

Calling all KNITTERS, novice and experienced ...  we're going to first start off with a quick project that is simple, fun and addicting..... also known as a .... .  

Quickie Knitty Plarn-Along


The project is a beautiful
Poppy Flower

by the very talented Designer,  
Bev V. also known as  Bebere

Made by CyndyinLawrence
Just in case you're wondering what a Plarn Poppy Flower would look like - here are
plarn-tastic versions.
Picture to the left made with orange plarn.
Picture to the right made with Walmart green produce bag and a pop tab instead of a button. 
Made by Teresa of Plastique Recreations (or Recycled Into Yarn)

RIY Note:  If this is your first time in using plastic yarn, please refer to the Recycled Into Yarn Tutorial and YouTube pages to find out how to make plastic yarn from plastic bags.  The tutorials have been created by Recycled Into Yarn Recycled Designers. 

Let's get crackin' with the quickie ........
Materials Needed:
2 plastic bags
1 button or pop/pull tab (your choice)
Sewing Needle
Pair of Knitting needles ..
a direct quote from Bev's blog:
"I used some US size 4 double-pointed ones, because they were the first things I picked up. Gauge isn't really important, so use whatever you like/have in front of you."

Cast on 28 stitches
Rows 1-4:  Knit on odd rows, purl on even rows.
Row 5:  Knit 2 stitches together to end (14 stitches).
Row 6:  Purl to end.
Row 7:  Knit 2 stitches together to end (7 stitches).
Row 8: Purl to end.
Row 9:  Knit 2 stitches together, knit remaining stitch 
(4 stitches).

With needle, thread tail end of yarn through live stitches, pull tight and secure.  Sew the two sides together to make a circle.  Sew button or pop tab to front. 

And take it from me, this pattern is addicting.  Once you make the first one, you'll want to make more.  Bev's design is not only beautiful but versatile as it can be worn in so many different ways.  To name a few, attach a clip to the back and wear as a lapel pin (see Bev's pic above), attach it to a headband or dress up a handbag or tote...  you get the idea.

DON'T FORGET to send me pictures of your finished flower so I can show it off ...  the best part of a Recycled Yarn-Along is showing off what you made!!! 

Please help me show Bev our appreciation by leaving a thank you comment on her
blog for letting us  use her Poppy Flower design for the Quickie Knitty Plarn-Along.

Don't forget to come back and visit soon as details will be announced for the 2nd Knit Plarn-Along that will kick off  the 1st of March.  This project will be an awesome way to let others know that Spring is right around the corner.