Typically when one thinks of rags we envision something dirty, torn and just unattractive.  Elecia Cooper of Elecia's Creative I proves that rags are beautiful with her colorful, creative crochet designs.
Elecia shares these 3 beautiful crochet rag rug designs for all to enjoy - 
D's Sunflower Rag Rug
Sigma - Sigma - Sigma Rag Rug
Watermelon Rag Rug
Need a basket for doll accessories - 

Barbie Doll Accessories Basket

Please welcome Recycled  Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer, 
Elecia Cooper of Elecia's Creative I

You can read more about Elecia and the other recycled designers on 
the Meet the Designer page.

Let's see what existing Recycled Into Yarn's  Recycled Designer, 
Moira Crochets Plarn, has been up to - 

Moira's newest 
free crochet pattern - 

Mary Jane Tarn Headband pattern

You don't even have to love frogs to fall in love with this adorable Frog Footstool made with t-shirt yarn.  But before you consider making it, make sure you have plenty of green t-shirts.  
PictureCrochet Tarn Frog Footstool
Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's newest 
Recycled Designer,  AnneMarie's Haakblog
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Let's see what Maria Merlino has been up to - check out her 
free crochet 
Tarn Family Wall Rosary pattern
Tarn Family Wall Rosary
Maria Merlino, Yahoo Contributer
I'm so excited to share that Recycled Into Yarn has kicked off the 1st Tunisian Crochet Recycled Yarn Along Part 1 which is how to make a swatch with the Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch.
You can see that the Tunisian Simple Stitch looks awesome with the different types of recycled yarn.   
White Tarn (t-shirt yarn)
Green Pants Yarn
Kroger Plarn (plastic bag yarn)
The tarn and plarn swatches were made with an afghan hook size I.  Because I did not have a afghan hook bigger than size I,  a regular crochet hook size  was used to make the pants yarn to make the simple stitch stand out.

You can find step by step detailed instructions on the Part 1 Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss).  

For those that would prefer to watch how to make a Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch, you can access this YouTube link to Kim Guzman's video tutorial

Come back and visit on 9/22 to see 
Tunisian Crochet Recycled Yarn-Along Part 2 stitch instructions

Tunisian Crochet also known as Afghan crochet, is a type of crochet that uses a long hook with stopper/handle end, called an Afghan hook. 

Tunisian Crochet is a fabulous way of mixing crocheting and knitting. It’s a back and forth motion of taking stitches on and off the hook with out turning. 
The TCRY-Along will begin on Sunday, 9/8 giving anyone and everyone who wishes to participate an opportunity to decide what type of recycled yarn to use and get a hook of choice.

Introduction to Tunisian Crochet Recycled Yarn - Along
When it came time to dispose of dozens of old T-shirts, Celia realized she just couldn't give them or throw them away.  So after figuring out how to make tarn, she realized you can never have enough bags.  
Large Market Bag
T-shirt bag, Blue and green
Red and Pink T-Shirt bag (Tarn)
Please welcome Recycled  Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer, 
Celia Wirth

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Recycled Into Yarn's newest recycled designer found a great way to recycle fabrics, particularly old tights, T-shirts and other stretchy materials - crochet a beautiful Rag Rug.

This adorable Rag Rug is crocheted from strips cut from old T-shirts and other slightly stretchy

Crochet Rag Rug
Please welcome Recycled  Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer, 
Susie of Susie at the Circus

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If you didn't know it before, tarn is global.  From United States to Netherlands, Sascha of A la Sascha shows us how to recycle a t-shirt into useful items for decorating your home.  
PictureTarn Stacking Baskets crochet pattern


PictureKnitted Cable Tarn Pillow pattern


Please welcome Recycled  Into Yarn's  newest Recycled Designer, 
Sascha of A la Sascha

You can read more
about Sascha and the other recycled designers on the 
Meet the Designer page.

Polly of ReStitch Yarn incorporates both beauty and usefullness in her recycled designs.  Her designs range from wearable bands & bracelets with a purpose to cup cozy.

As a runner, she understands how easy it is to get a runny nose and believes
"the long sleeves were practically invented for this problem"
so she created the

 Nose Wiper
(for runners)

Going out with the girls, here is a fashionable way to 
"keep visual track of the number of drinks consumed by the number of bracelets you have on" with the
Hangover Helpers 

And since you'll probably have a little extra tarn left over, why not make something to accompany your morning cup of coffee or tea with the adorable
Wishy Washy
Polly has your creative juices flowing but you just don't have time to make the tarn yourself,
don't worry - she's got that covered too with her ReStitch Yarn Shop. 
She offers a wide variety of t-shirt yarn in beautiful colors and weight.
Chunk Weight Tarn (t-shirt yarn)
Tarn (t-shirt yarn)

Thank you again, Polly of ReStitch Yarn for more fabulous
knitted t-shirt yarn designs!!   

You can read more about Polly and the other recycled designers on the 'Meet The Designers'   page.

I'm pretty sure we all have one - the dreaded sock pile.  You know how it is, 2 go in but only 1 comes out.  Or, you're doing spring cleaning and just cleaned out a drawer.  On the floor in front of you is this pile of old, holey, mismatched socks.  Of course, you're first impulse is to throw them away.  DON'T!!!!!

Penniless Parenting wows us with her creativity by showing us just how useful old, holey socks can be beyond wearing them - on your feet that is.

If that's not enough, she takes the upcycling to yet another level by designing an adorable button to compliment the backpack from a bottle cap and t-shirt yarn.

Please welcome Recycled Into Yarn's newest Recycled Designer, 
Penny of Penniless Parenting

You can  read more about Penny and the other recycled designers on the 
Meet the Designer page.

This has to be one of my favorite Moira Crochet's plarn designs.  It is so adorable and something that both kids and adults will enjoy. 
Molih wants to say a lot of things....

Let me introduce you to 

Amigurumi Coin Purse, Molih  

but she knows its better to "zip" her mouth than make everything worse.
Moira's daughter, Hofri

Moira's daughter, Hofri, loves Molih a lot. She's having a blast putting coins in and taking them out ...

This design is a great way to teach kids about saving money.  Who wouldn't have fun filling Hofri's mouth with coins.
Moira Crochets
Thank you again, Moira Crochets, for another fabulous crochet plarn design!!   

You can read more about Moira Crochets  
and the other recycled designers on the
'Meet The Designer'  page.